Business Partnership - Interesting possibility

The new trend: From small business to large corporates in the west are outsourcing their software application development, maintenance and support activities to India.

The estimated savings: Software Outsourcing is predicted to be successful depending on the type of work outsourced and the related processes that are worked out with the client.

Various types of assignments and the average cost savings are given below.

Type of Assignment Cost Savings
1. Maintenance of Software Applications 50-55%
2. Conversion 40-50%
3. Reengineering 35-50%
4. Custom Application Development 30-35%

An annual cost saving of 55% can be achieved in a maintenance project for a development team comprising of 20 members.

Assurances: Organizations providing offshore software development services have defined their processes and created success stories. Outsourcing firms can expect major cost advantages by using the offshore software outsourcing opportunities. In addition, it also offers flexibility in all the software development services too.

The anticipated benefits in business partnership with us: In this ever - changing world, what offshore software development centers offer you is cost savings. Aren't you glad to get quality IT solutions completed at a low cost, on time? Outsourcing software development to India offers precisely that. We differ from other software outsourcing companies for business partnership in our particular software outsourcing risk containment strategies, which include the following.

  • Perfect Processes: Special preference is given for the processes in order to achieve success in outsourcing. The client is informed about the progress of the assignment. This reduces the level of risk involved during the whole software development procedure.
  • Disaster Management and Back-up: We are ready with the systems and resources (back up capacity) required to pick up critical activities from India after unforeseen events.
  • Onsite Administrator: The onsite administrator puts the technical as well as managerial ability together. He/She manages to keep the customers ignorant about the time and cultural differences. He/She assists you to reduce risks. In fact, he/she customizes processes according to your needs.
  • Fixed payment: Our software development services are available at fixed costs, thus reducing the risk for the client in developing well-documented software.

ITOI invites you to join the right sort of business partnership. Please find our business models. Be our partner and build a new business world.