Website Auditing

Anybody can design a website for you. But only a few can give it a professional look and feel. ITOI's Website Auditing Team (WAT) can evaluate your website and give it a professional touch.

Website Auditing process

The Website Audits vary depending on the individual needs of the customers. Websites must clearly indicate its purpose. Users would be more acquainted with a website if it's visitors are coming back frequently. The contents of your website should be informative. Users viewing online catalogs can be converted into customers. Customer's queries about services must be responded to immediately.

Next is the use of graphics in the website. Graphics makes your website more appealing and surfing will be an exciting experience for the users.

Our Website Auditing Team (WAT) evaluate the technology, platform and coding standards and give feed backs; and recommendations.

The final step is to register the website with popular search engines and promote the websites using effective marketing techniques available on the web.

Our Website Auditing Team evaluates all these aspects of a website. After evaluating the website, scores are awarded for each category and these reports will be forwarded to the customer.

Thus our Website Auditing Team helps you to upgrade the websites by finding out its drawbacks; helping you to build a strong foundation for your web business.