Application Software Migration - A bigger slice

New software technologies are emerging everyday. If you are torn between being satisfied by all your existing software applications and wanting to embrace new software technologies; here's the details about how ITOI can help your software application migration.

Working with IT Outsourcing India will make a number of benefits yours to claim.

  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced risk
  • High returns on investment
  • Reduced costs

Software Application Migration Process

Our migration process methodology is behind the success of all our application software migration. Our common code strategy enables source code to be maintained and managed well, which can be used for both new and existing development platforms.

1. Detailed Analysis and Evaluation

To begin with, our clients are required to fill in the technical survey questionnaire. This furnishes exact details about your requirements and helps us to assign your project to the right technicians. Our Software Migration Tools help in completing posting analysis as well as software inventory analysis.

2. Project Planning

After analyzing and evaluating the application requirements, the next step is to develop an application migration proposal and project plan.

3. Project Implementation

Once you are satisfied with the project plan, the next step is to implement the project. The experts in our team are capable of resolving all the application software migration problems. Our Daily Reporting scheme can help you to obtain current details about the project.

4. Unit & Migration Testing

Unit Testing & Migration Testing is conducted to double evaluate the validity of the ported code and migration application we develop. We give our customers opportunity to suggest a series of tests to be conducted before we deliver our application migration services.

5. Integration Testing

Integration test places emphasis on the performance. Next is the functional test based on the platform specific differences.

6. Customer Acceptance Testing

The customers can test the application by themselves and it includes system stress test as well as the production verification test.

7. Technical Testing

We also assist in full technical transfer and ensure that your programmers understand all that we have modified in the code and all the new software technologies and system utilities we have developed. This enables your engineers to do all the system maintenance for the application in future.

8. Migration Support

We offer application software migration support at different levels.

Migration Tools

Our application software migration tools help in simplifying the application migration process. In the Detail Analysis and Evaluation Phase, our tools play an important role which;

  • Provides inventory survey of 3rd party and public domain software.
  • Identifies incompatible porting issues in your code.
  • Handles data type issues when upgrading applications.
  • Can deal with incompatible porting issues in your build and application production environment.

ITOI's application migration helps to retain the core software application while migrating to a new development platform. Exploit the benefits of Application Software Migration using the services of ITOI.