Software Development Project Process - On the favorite route

The customers are free to choose the software development project process, which suits their business requirements. Our development process is based on IEEE standards of software development. Our high quality systems are sufficient to meet your business requirements. The software development project process metamorphoses in four phases.

Inception: Queries and Proposals

If an inquiry is received, our software development and analysis team examines it closely. Any additional information required is collected from the customer. Then a rough estimate of the time and the cost of the project/software application is decided upon. We also submit a preliminary project plan to our customers. The preliminary project plan is prepared in such a way so as to precisely match the customer's needs and demands.

Elaboration: Definition analysis and Design

If the preliminary proposal is approved we pass on to the next step of the application development process. A contract is made with the customer for developing a project plan.

Construction: Detailed Design, Programming and Testing.

The customer and our development team together works out all the other details like Specifications, Test Plan, Test criteria etc. The programmers begin coding using the Specifications. Test cases and Test scripts are also prepared. The other aspects of the Test Plan are developed according to the given specifications for the application / project. Our programmers develop the user level and system level documentation. During this phase, the performance level of each team member is recorded. The progress of the project is reported to the customer. Suggestions for change are welcomed.

Deployment: Acceptance, Transition and Operation.

The system is then installed in the test mode. Defects are traced and repaired. When the customer accepts the system, it is installed in the production mode.

Our software development process provides
  • High quality applications.
  • On-time delivery of the project / application.
  • Flexible and modifiable systems.

These four distinct phases in software development help us to develop an application / project as per your desire. We guarantee your satisfaction in the software development project process.