Pilot Project - Engineering a new spin

A client located thousands of miles away from us (in India), who is not familiar with our software development firm, need not necessarily believe all that is being seen and heard on the website.

We have designed a Pilot project plan for such clients who want to try our services.
You can use our service for up to 30 hours to develop a small task or solve a challenge you face.

The program normally addresses many queries of the customers. This provides an opportunity to ascertain our competency, credibility and capability. The Project Program can also be the initial step towards the actual project.

This Project can cover

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile App
  • Estimated cost and time
  • Bug fixing
  • Performance tuning etc


An introductory price of USD 20 per hour.

The availability of ITOI's pilot project gives you the opportunity to work with us for software / application development. Get in touch with us and engineer a new spin towards phenomenal success in your business venture.