Quality Custom Software Solutions - Look, who's getting edgy

Effective quality management ensures the presence of a system in an organization. An organization, which is aware of the needs of the customer and the requirements for customer satisfaction, will develop facilities to meet these requirements.

The quality of the software we develop are verified by our four-tired standards.

  • Quality Inspectors (QIs) conduct internal audits across all groups & all software projects within each group.
  • Quality Managers (QMs) ensure software quality at the project level.
  • Quality Steering Board (QSB) is in charge of defining long-term software quality objectives and laying down the software quality roadmap.
  • We frequently conduct surveillance audits in preparation for our ISO 9001/CMM certification plan. (We are in the process of obtaining the certification).

Ever-improving Quality-We ensure 'all time - customer satisfaction' by constant improvisation of the quality. We understand that quality assurance is vital to be trend - setters in a competitive world; more so, in the case of offshore custom software solutions.

We have developed our own methods to check on the quality of designs and custom software solutions. Our developers use Quality Manuals and Coding Standards at each stage of the project. During the entire phase of Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) our Software Quality Assurance Team conducts software quality checks. Our Software Project Auditors have developed a software quality control checklist. In addition, our Defect Tracking System is used to track defects at every stage of the Software Development Life Cycle.

At the time of custom software solutions, we prepare Functional Specifications and Technical Architecture Documents. Our software quality control cell reviews these specifications. Testing standards have also been framed at each stage of the Software Development Life Cycle. The software testing standards include unit testing (black box & white box), integration testing system and acceptance testing. Our Quality and Integration Plan is discussed with the customers periodically to meet their testing and acceptance criteria. Thus, we make you, the customers an inevitable part of the project.

Our aim is to produce 'quality software products'. A software project proposed according to the guidelines and specifications will produce quality software solutions which are certain to meet the desires of the customers. We guarantee quality custom software solutions, which is imperative to success.