For Outsourcing Software Development - Take your pick

You may select a combination of business models to suit the various phases of a software project development cycle.

Fixed rate

Every software development team shares a common mission - to develop software that is delivered on time and within the budget. Clients feel relatively comfortable with fixed costs. At ITOI, we are conscious of the fact that we can neither offer low-quality software services to meet a deadline nor can we miss a deadline in order to improve software quality. High quality outsourcing software development and prompt delivery is important and ITOI offers you just that. We ensure prompt service with quality.

Outsourcing Software Development Centers.

Do you want to make it great in business? Are you dreaming about a dedicated IT team who will cater to all your IT issues promptly and economically? If you are looking forward to apt, well-defined and high- quality software solutions, this unique opportunity will prove to be a turning point for you because we have made it a reality for our clients in the past. We partner with our clients to invest in expanding their IT environments, instructing our development teams, setting up communication and security systems and integrating our software development process with theirs to make sure that the offshore development team is efficient. Our Software Development Outsourcing Centers also offer very attractive long-term rates to clients for the unique and innovative software solutions we provide.

You can rely on India for developing IT solutions. You can set up and manage 100% dedicated Outsourcing Software Development Centers here in India, with 24 hours on call support.

Returns & Risk share

The risks involved in developing and marketing a software product are undeniable. By partnering with the customers, we share the risk in marketing your software products. Therefore, we offer the risk-reward model for your project delivery. It is generally used during software product/ subsystem development. Returns & Risk share model is well known among business and technology firms. We invest and share the application development costs in return for jointly sharing revenue. We will always stand hand-in-glove with our customers to divide the risk involved.

Offshore Pilot Project

We offer clients our unique offshore pilot project for a nominal professional fee. That is the extent of our dedication to our clients and confidence in ourselves.