Software Testing Services - The soft yet firm grip

Software Testing Services are not expensive with ITOI. It is essential to have a solid testing team for good outcome. Our Quality Assurance Process assures the quality of our software products. Our software services include Quality Assurance Partnership, Test plan creation, Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Debugging and Environment testing.

Quality Assurance Partnership

A partnership can be worked on with your software development team to plan, execute and manage your application testing. The united effort will produce high quality software.

Shaping the Software Test Plan

We bring into being a complete software test plan plus other documentation for your software applications on the basis of IEEE standards on software development. Some of the components of software test plan are mentioned below.

  • Generic Software Test Plan and Schedule
  • Details of Software Test cases
  • Specification of Software Test Procedures
  • Regression Software Test Plan and cases
  • Acceptance Testing Guidelines
  • Test Log and Defect Report Templates

Manual Testing

Both clients and our programmers carry out unit testing and code checking during coding. We aid you in this by providing your software development group with the necessary guidelines, test cases and procedures. You can completely rely on us to outsource the following types of tests.

  • Integration Tests: Testing of interfaces between the units are completed. Arrange test conditions to validate interfaces of the application.
  • System Tests: The product show conform system specifications and business needs.
  • Regression Tests: If an error occurs, it is corrected and all the tests are conducted once more.
  • Modification Test: Modification of whole testing process or new factor is added to the system.
  • Performance Test: Verify that the software application contains acceptable values of response time and device utilization.
  • Stress Tests: Observe the systems behavior in different conditions
  • Usability Tests: The systems must fulfill the ergonomic requirements, standards.
  • Documentation Tests: Documentation tests consist of testing manuals and online help.
  • Release Tests: Testing of the version control and completeness of the software application.
  • Special Tests: Any specific systems tests like data synchronization, security etc.
  • Acceptance Tests: Next is to check that the system meets the expected performance and functionality standards.

Automated Testing

It reduces the expenses of regression testing and also speeds up test turn around time. It provides ground for Environment Testing. Through automated testing we assist you to create test scripts, generate test data and analyze test logs.


Our software programmers can help you to debug the code. They are experts in finding out defects and fixing them.

Web Testing

We are also experts in testing static web pages of website, which involves testing the contents, communication interfaces and backend server process.

Online Testing

This is yet another service we provide. We conduct this test on the customer specified networking equipment and environment.

Our software testing services are carefully planned in each phase and is monitored at each testing level. Our software testing services are a great success, thanks to our cautious planning and united effort. Through this we certainly can provide the high quality software applications that will suit your system and requirements.