mCommerce Software Solutions - The winner takes IT all

With the advancement of technology, more and more changes are being brought about in the means and manner of communication. Smart phones and tablets changed the way people communicate, access information and conduct business. All these gives customers satisfaction that they are 'plugged-in'. Messages reach from one corner of the world to the other reach almost immediately.

Mobiles enable us to transfer voice through Short Message Service (SMS). A choice of other service like e-shopping, e-ticketing, e-banking, and e-brokerage can be done through one's cellular phone. Internets revolutionary solutions WAP and WML (Wireless Application Protocol and Wireless Markup Language) are applicable to mobile telephones also. When connected to a compatible computer you can access e-mail, send and receive faxes and surf the Internet with your mobile phone. What a beautiful connection!

mCommerce offers the following benefits.

  • Considerable flexibility when conducting business.
  • Differentiation from competitors.
  • High customer loyalty.
  • Investment Security and Independence from platforms and network operators through the use of open standards.
  • Higher efficiency of field staff.
  • Lower transaction and personal costs.
  • Easy and more convenient access.

Our workforce consists of talented and spirited programmers who can offer unique solutions for your mobile commerce. IT Outsourcing India offers mCommerce software solutions for the following and more.

  • Shopping- order processing through mobile phones.
  • Access to stock market- trading in the stock market.
  • Access to corporate intranets.

The benefits offered by mCommerce software solutions are available to you through the services of ITOI.