XML Application Development - Consolidation time

Dedicated to developing technologies that will provide futuristic solutions catering to the highly demanding requirements of your dealings, we blend design and technology with business intelligence to build effective infrastructure solutions based on XML and related standards.

XML was developed to meet the software applications that require functionality beyond the current HTML. XML is used to exchange data between the Web Server and browser. XML assists in processing distributed documents. XML promises dynamic change in the way information is chased and exchanged. XML is the universal language for data on the web. It facilitates the developers to transfer a wide variety of applications. Data is converted to XML and is shared by business partners. The World Wide Consortium has developed XML to open the gateways of Web technology to distributed document processing.

Advantages of XML

  • Application independent.
  • Promotes inter business communication.
  • Long lasting.
  • Easily manageable.

XML Application Development Areas

XML is basically used for the following 4 purposes.

  • Helps to distribute information from the Web Server to the Web Client.
  • Gives the Web Client an opportunity to present different views of the same data for different users.
  • Assists the web client to act as liaison between two or more clients.
  • Helps to communicate between different business applications.

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