Component Software Development - New flavors

It's a fact that businesses find itself being increasingly dependent on fast paced electronic interaction (among customers, partners, employees and suppliers). As the technology landscape gets complex, it becomes progressively difficult to manage and process information. The challenge is to have the right fit of Component software development methodologies at the right place in the right business process.

The need to integrate and make the platforms inter-operable has primarily evolved from the fact that the customers are the ultimate beneficiaries. In fact, no customer wants to get locked in a single vendor - single technology arena. Most enterprise systems need to be connected in some way to other systems, either inside the company or with the trading partners over the Internet. In most cases, the new demands make integration essential. Thus the development of Component Software focuses on building software applications by integrating previously existing software components.

Integration can reduce the time taken to make information available. It can also reduce costs. Rather than replace existing systems, integration can be used to link them. The foundation of this approach is the assumption that certain parts of large software systems should be written once rather than many times, and that common parts of large software systems should be assembled through reuse rather than rewritten all over again.

Benefits of Component software development.

  • Component Software Development alters development emphasis from programming software to composing software systems.
  • This increases the flexibility of systems, trims down the software development, maintenance cost and time.
  • Emergence of component integration technology enhancing efficient performance.
  • Reuse of existing software is possible by Component software development.

IT Outsourcing India provides component development services for Active X, C++, COM/COM+/DCOM, PHP, Java, J2EE, and .NET technologies.

We do more than delivering just the technologies. Exploit the benefits of Component software development and give your business the boost it needs.