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Our offshore software development outsourcing centers are equipped with a team of well-qualified, dedicated software development professionals who can provide a host of solutions for your IT needs. Our offshore services include making your company "future-proof". As your technology partner we keep your options flexible and remain responsive to the latest trends and developments. Our outsourcing centers provide the most appropriate software solutions for you. Our outsourcing methodology will alleviate your IT outsourcing risks. It is certain that the value proposition promised by outsourcing software development offshore, will materialise for your firm.

Highlights about ITOI's Offshore Software Development Outsourcing Centers

The geographical benefits of offshore outsourcing centers: -

Our centers enable us to serve our customers globally; right from India in an extremely cost effective manner with quality and promptness. We offer you the ability to seamlessly leverage India's high-quality software engineering talent and low cost structure.

Short software development life cycle offered by our offshore outsourcing centers: -

Due to a 12-hour time zone difference between India and the US; work happens on a 24-hour basis in our offshore software outsourcing centers. Last evening's problems actually get converted to this morning's solutions.

Our centers promise on-time deliveries: -

We deliver software projects on time and within the budget; 97% of the time as against the global average of 16%. Offshore software outsourcing with ITOI is therefore beneficial to our clients.

Competitive costing of offshore outsourcing centers: -

Typically our offshore services provide a cost saving of 50-60% when compared to an in-house execution. Offshore software outsourcing services allow you to make maximum benefit of the available funds.

Our centers maintain high standards for software quality: -

We guarantee maximum perfection and minimum error rate because we have confidence in the high quality software processing at our outsourcing centers. Keen on perfection, we promise you the best service possible at our centers.

Skilled resources available at ITOI: -

Our centers provide an access to a pool of skilled software professionals who are well qualified experts, whose technical skills have been sharpened at our offshore centers through special training programmes.

Shortened lead times for project start-up: -

The client can leverage the ready infrastructure to begin projects. This shortens the lead for project start-up to some extent.

Efficient Project management: -

Our offshore outsourcing centers bring forth strong project management expertise with a highly experienced team of project managers. The project managers in the offshore outsourcing centers are highly efficient and capable of handling the whole lot that comes under a project.

ITOI has a thorough understanding of outsourcing projects done offshore. ITOI is an ideal company to outsource your web and software applications development to. We know how to structure and manage outsourcing relationships.