Offshore Development Center Communication Plan - Question of sharing well

Communication is derived from the Latin word communis which means to share. The science of communication is as old as man itself. Different vehicle/channels were identified and subsequently improvised for the purpose of transmission of ideas and concepts. Effective business communication has emerged as a response to the growing recognition that communication is necessary to be successful in todays world. Offshore Development Center Communication Plan defines the interaction between our offshore software development team members and the client team associated with the project.

For smooth interaction with the client, you require

  • A list of the important contact ways such as skype and phone numbers of the various client team members.
  • The planned communication methods and techniques.
  • The templates to be used for the planned communications.

A Typical Offshore Development Center Communication Plan

The various methods of communication used in Software Offshore Development Communication Plan are discussed below.

  • Step 1: Meeting the client. It is initiated for the client and usually the mode of communication is face to face. It is scheduled as per the requirement. It is a standard status meeting with a predefined agenda.
  • Step 2: The communication process is done through Internet Messenger Meeting / Teleconference in the mornings. If needed, video-conferences are conducted. It is initiated by the project manager to update the client about the progress.
  • Step 3: The last one is to communicate about application development issues. Initiated by the client's team, it is conducted as needed. The mode of communication is Internet Messenger Meeting/Teleconference. It is used to record and track Application Development issues on an ongoing basis.

The offshore development center communication plan goes a long way in ensuring that the communication between the parties involved and the progress of the software development concerned is undeterred.