Software Development Payment Details - It's a deal

How and where to Pay: Payments can be either wired to our bank or checks mailed. Wiring is the normal means by which most businesses make their payments.

International Monetary Conversions: Money transferred into an Indian bank must be converted into the precise dollar amount agreed upon. (Fluctuating exchange rates can result in a deficit in the amount transferred).

For Small projects that take less than 1000 hrs: 25% of total project cost is paid as advance payment.

40% of the payment is done on completion of the prototype. Upon receiving the second payment the source code is handed over to the clients.

35% is paid only after the project is hosted.

For Medium and larger Projects that take above 1000 hrs: The advance payment is decided based on the monthly volume of work and collected on a monthly basis.

Invoice Schedule: We send invoices by e-mail on or close to the 1st of each month.

Payment Schedule: Payments must be made within three days of receiving the e-mail invoice. We greatly appreciate notification on the day that the payment was wired.

Hourly Rates: Some projects are billed by the hour. We expect payment at the end of a billing period rather than at the end of a phase of work.

We generally offer Free Maintenance for all the projects for 3 months.

No document is complete without a clear mention of the cost involved. Clear mention is made to ensure clarity and transperency.