Marketplace Web Portal Software - Same sun, new market

The vital regiment of ebusiness is e-commerce. Moreover, ebusiness solutions furnishes possibilities to cut costs, boost your returns, intensify business. Marketplace web portal software outputs and also permits you to re-engineer your ineffective workflows / business processes.

ITOIs B2B Marketplace web portal software solution comprises of

  • Web Pages
  • Discussion forum:
    Visitors post their suggestions and questions.
  • Standard Auction & Bidding:
    The object kept for bidding is being sold to those who offer the highest price. The rate is not done until the reserved price is reached.
  • Reserve Auction:
    Here suppliers bid for supplying the goods and services on display. The price goes on decreasing, until the bidding ceases.
  • Dutch auction:
    Based on the number of interested buyers, the price reduction is directly proportional to it. Negotiation communication is encouraged till both the parties are benefited.
  • Shopping Cart Management
  • Payment Gateways
  • Order Management.
  • Internal Search Engine
  • Feed back form
  • Classified Ads
  • 3 month free management of your web portal including alteration and updates.

We can offer you our service in building marketplace web portal software where both buyers and sellers come in close quarters to do business, transactions, dealings, multi vendor, catalogues, bid / quote exchange and auctions on the net. These marketplace web portal softwares will be customized solutions capable of handling every aspect of building and operating. Built using the service of leading B2B platforms, it takes care of the crucial aspects of your business.