Website Maintenance Services - On a smooth stretch

There will come a time to alter or improve the software applications that are custom made. It will increase efficiency and accommodate progress in the technology and devices. ITOI's website maintenance services help you to keep updated and efficient. The IT departments can trust us to look after the maintenance of their websites with us.

ITOI's Maintenance Services of websites include

  • Application/system/ code maintenance
  • Bug-fixing
  • Conversion of data from existing systems to another.
  • Development of add-on modules
  • GUI modification & enhancement
  • Interface development to-house software or third-party software
  • Improvements in reliability & robustness
  • New feature development
  • Operations/Recovery, Back-up, systems management
  • Performance Improvements
  • Problem Reporting
  • Re-engineering
  • Software auditing
  • Source code control and version management.
  • Software enhancement
  • Software upgrade, optimization.
  • Porting and conversion to other platforms

We invite you to use ITOI to enable you to furnish useful web solutions for your website maintenance services. Bug free, prompt, high quality web solutions are most important part of ITOI's solutions offering.