Web Enable Applications - Making room for the future

Web enabling your applications help you to be more efficient. The security concerns can be addressed well. As we all witness, solutions in the cloud are very popular. However, we need to make sure that we get the updated Web enable version of the software application. You can directly connect to a remote database using a web enabled application.

You need appropriate database privileges to make persistent database connections.

In this new and competitive IT world, businesses demand greater performance efficiency and web-enabled interactivity. The legacy software applications are not always enough to meet the requirements of changing business environments.

Before Re-Engineering

  • Examine the existing software application thoroughly.
  • Identify the technological requirements, risks and usage of re-engineering tools.
  • Guarantee an easy transition to the new software system through constant monitoring and project management.

ITOI assists you to benefit from contemporary technology. Our expertise enables client server applications, desktop applications or even large legacy applications to take advantage of the web. We also give you an opportunity to cut costs by avoiding extra staffing for maintaining diverse platforms. Web enable your applications to enhance your business.