IT Recruitment - Customised dessert

Manpower is the most dynamic and indispensable factor of production in IT business. IT Outsourcing India assists you in finding skilled IT resources to work for you from our development center in India. This model is suitable for those who are searching for a team to work exclusively for them. We charge you for managing the manpower and office facility provided for you in India.

Our aim is to provide fresh and talented human resources to our clients. We follow a distinctive IT recruitment process for specific requirements.


1. Overview

Before getting short-listed there are a number of hurdles, which an applicant must cross. These hurdles act as screens designed to eliminate unqualified applicants at any point in the process. The next step in IT recruitment is the telephonic interview of short-listed candidates. The suitable candidates are called for personal interview. The resumes are then forwarded to our clients.

2. Identification

Eligible candidates are short listed as per the needs of the clients. We advertise through newspapers, trade journals and magazines, which are published in major cities. We also conduct walk-in interviews to identify skilled persons.

3. Preliminary Evaluation

This is a sorting process in which the prospective applicants are screened and tested to find out suitable candidates.

4. Communication skills

The telephonic interview explores the minimum communication capability of the candidates. Their concern and fitness for the job opportunities are evaluated in this interview. If they seem fit for the post, they are called for the preliminary interview with the latest copy of their resume, supporting documents, passport and two passport size color photographs.

5. Technical Evaluation

The candidates who pass the preliminary evaluation stage are then short listed for technical evaluation. The skill and ability of the candidate is measured through yet another set of detailed testing measures.

6. Rating

Total evaluation is of 100 marks. Those who get less than 80% are disqualified.

7. Final Approval

Short-listed candidates are given on-site assignments. Sometimes delegates of the clients come to India to conduct the final interview and select the best-suited candidate.

8. Security

An MoU is reviewed and signed between the candidate and the client, to protect the interests of the clients.

9. Immigration Logistics

If the candidate need to be at your office and working on your site; we also assist the candidates and clients in exchanging documents for the H1-B/ 457/Working Visa/Immigration processing etc. Manpower resourcing is the process by which a firm ensures that it has the right number of people and the right kind of people at the right places. It also ensures that they are the most beneficial to the organization, economically.

The infusion of new blood gives more vitality to your organization. An overview of the systematic procedure we follow in IT recruitment is given.