Web Applications Development Methodology - Pillars of strength

Our project management methodology contribute towards efficient web applications development. We begin by presenting a draft of the web applications development methodology as soon as we receive authorisation from the client. However, if the client chooses to have another web applications development methodology, we incorporate our internal processes only with the clients' approval.

Each phase of the project is designed in such a way so as to ensure that the final product maintains its high quality and also meets the customer's needs. We follow a distinctive project development cycle for each project. The development methodologies and design are subject to change, depending on the software and hardware technologies chosen.

Our Project Management process in web development methodologies and web development elements consist of the following steps.

Web Applications Development Methodologies

  • Analysis of the objective and goals
  • Introductory discussion which includes ecommerce, web strategy and situation analysis
  • Discussion and analysis of strategies
  • Technology
  • Software Evaluation
  • Analysis of the expenditure for development, operations and maintenance.
  • Develop an initial layout as well as the features and capabilities
  • Form an interaction and complete several rounds of revisions, reviews and refinements
  • Define the final design, layout and features
  • Implement the website (graphics, back-end software content, integration with 3rd party or external software)
  • User testing functionality testing, performance testing and acceptance testing
  • The final launch

Web Applications Development Elements

After considering the needs and requirements of the project, the next step is to gather the fundamental information required for the project development.

  • Database and software script development for functionality and components like products, service, search, verification etc.
  • User subscription, registration and management
  • Web-based communication and user interface design
  • Category management
  • Automatic edit management, update management
  • Revenue reporting, maintaining-reporting log files
  • Usage, performance management
  • User tracking, billing management etc.

ITOI deals with all its projects using its distinctive project management model. From preliminary discussion to final launch and on going support, ITOI applies its rigorous protocols and structure to software design, programming, integration testing, documentation and maintenance. Each phase of the project is developed under the guidance of our efficient project managers. This web applications development methodology ensures an error free product, which satisfies the customer's requirements.