eCommerce Shopping Cart Product – Easyshoppe to Magento

In the beginning of 2000 we had our own shopping cart product, Easyshopee Cart, available. We had a couple of installation of the Easyshopee Cart done for some of our US clients.

Since then the world of online shopping has changed by leaps and bounds and as early as in the beginning of 2008 we saw the rise of Magento and were impressed about the way Magento was architectured. We fell in love with Magento and started partnering with Magento from the year 2008.

Magento has two Editions

  1. Community Edition – No licensing fee, Opensource
  2. Enterprise Edition – For corporate users, with a licensing fee

Our Magento developers are capable of talking up projects in both the editions. Our developers have got certifications in:

  1. Magento Developer Certification- Focussed on Community Edition
  2. Magento Developer Plus Certification- Focussed on Enterprise Edition

At presently ITOI offers white-labelled Magneto development outsourcing services to our clients.

For more details on Magento, please refer to the screenshot below from the Magento website mentioning Magento enterprise features.