Getting Started - Key factors

It is imperative that the clients and software development firms be well acquainted with each other in order to ensure the smooth flow of business. As a software development firm, we believe in working together. We are aware that right from the starting of the initial enquiry; we ought to know the needs of our clients as much as they need to be familiar with our business policies and practises.

  1. A perusal of our Mission statement, Vision, Values, Pricing and Payment Policies: will help you to get a fair picture about us. The Client's Quotes (our customer's opinion about us) will enable you to know us better.
  2. Share your needs: It is important for us to know your needs in definite terms. The online questionnaire will help you to that end.
  3. Sign In: The client has to review and sign the MoU if they decide to proceed with us. It will be the basis of our business and builds the confidence of both the parties.
  4. Payment: Generally we accept 15-25% of the total payment as advance. For more details please check our pricing and payment policies.
  5. Examine the Project Process: Normally the planning stage and design stage steals approximately 35% of the total time needed for the project. It's a time consuming process. Check out the Project Process page for more details.
  6. Healthy Communication: Communicate your needs about the application / project. Send us your detailed instructions. Healthy communications is necessary to keep the work on the move. Send us your feedback about the content we generate.
  7. Project Status: Our clients have the facility to monitor the progress of the project all by themselves by using the separate user ID and password provided by us.

The saying "Well begun is half done!" is very true in the case of client care. Getting started right is just as important as proceeding and finishing smoothly, as far as client care is concerned.