Business Software Development Standards- Get the picture

If quality software has to be produced, business software development standards should be maintained. These business software development standards enable us to manage and control all software development procedures. Specific software development standards are to be set, for software projects.

For setting business development standards, help is sought from guidelines and concepts of software development standards approved by various renowned institutions including governments. Our standards for software development are developed is one of the best available. The development of software needs to adopt a process and methodology suitable for the specific software project under consideration.

According to IEEE standards on software development, the following business software development guidelines are valuable.

1. For general business activities

  • Communication Rules
  • Generic Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Generic Contract
  • General Document Template
  • General Personal Form
  • Labor Accounting Worksheet
  • Offer Template
  • Staff Instructions

2. For software development

  • Coding Standard
  • Delivery Check List
  • Generic Project Plan
  • Guidelines Specification Template
  • Generic Test Plan
  • Quality Assurance Guidelines
  • Software Application Design
  • User Interface Creation Guide
  • Version Control Policy

3. For technical writing

  • Database Description Guidelines
  • Generic User Manual Template
  • Library Description Guidelines
  • Styles Guide

4. For web design

  • WWW Site Concept Template
  • WWW Site Design Guidelines
  • WWW Site Promotion Techniques

Following standards and proven practises help ITOI to complete a software development projects within the stipulated time and deliver quality software applications at the most economic rates.