Offshore Software Outsourcing Blunders - Ouch! that hurts

Over a short period of time, software outsourcing offshore has become an inseparable part of the modern IT business. Perhaps this is the time to look back on the usual blunders committed during offshore outsourcing. The points listed below will certainly keep one from stepping into wrong waters.

  • While you approach order fulfillment companies, take care not to enter into long- term contracts initially.
  • You must have an IT strategy, which has a patrollable boundary between your responsibilities and that of the outsourcing firm.
  • Get a contract, which spells out performance measurements on the basis of an established objective. This will be the corner stone of the process.
  • Once you have outsourced a service or work, leave the service provider to do his work. Don't try to mess up his work by implementing unnecessary control.
  • Always remember to outsource your work to a firm who has an established track record. Otherwise your whole software outsourcing could end up in a disaster.

Staying clear of offshore software outsourcing blunders will save you a whole lot of problems having to go through a painful learning - unlearning cycle.