Open Source Software Development - Opening IT wide enough

Change is inevitable for any business. Change indicates our sensitivity and response to the needs of a dynamic world. The only way one can stay away from change, is to run ahead of change itself.

The Open Source Model holds the secret of astounding changes in your business world. It allows the companies and individuals to collaborate with each other. This helps them to develop an application that they would never be able to make just by themselves. The Open source development of software is highly reliable, peer-reviewed and more reliable than closed, proprietary software.

Our Open source software development consultants educate the customers of Open Source Computing and Open Source Community. The aim of this service from ITOI is to provide customers with offshore software consulting service solutions using Open Source technologies.

Why Open source software development?

  • The Source Code is accessible by the user.
  • The Open source software application code is free to purchase and devoid of licensing fees.
  • Open Source technologies are now regarded more secure.
  • The Open Source can operate under changing conditions.
  • It is modifiable.
  • Software Code is generally mature and reliable.
  • Open Source technologies are regarded more secure.
  • Third party coexistence.
  • In the future open source technologies will offer better quality.
  • Open source technologies are cheaper.

Open Source Technologies supported by ITOI

Operating System: Linux

Web Server / Application Server: Jboss, Zope, Tomcat, Apache

Web Technologies: PHP, Java, JSP, Servlets, Perl

Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL

Some of the Popular Open source projects at ITOI

CMS: Drupal, Wordpress

eCommerce: Magento, Presta Shop

A few ways in which we provide analysis design, development and implementation of several Open Source technologies are as follows:

  • Excellent methods to handle Open source software development projects.
  • Provide decisions concerning the combination of Open Source with commercial software or mixed environments.
  • Long-standing assistance for these technologies.
  • Settlement of the deployment issue.
  • Hunt for the technologies appropriate for a particular circumstance.

Our software technology can make you lead, win and excel through software quality. We have the technology to innovate and enhance entire business values. Our experts in Open source software development have not only contributed to Open Source technologies, but has also used several of these technologies to develop commercial software applications, systems and solutions for our clients.