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2013-07-29 03:38:24

Opinion poll is the best way to include customers in your website. Opinion poll makes decision making a delighting and easy task. It invokes the interest of the users in your website as they are given an opportunity to voice … Continue reading

2013-07-29 03:37:57

If your website is interactive, the users are bound to be frequent visitors. So boost up the interactivity of your website with our Online Quiz software. Through this, users can assess their knowledge. This web application also enables them to … Continue reading

2013-07-29 03:37:19

We offer you freedom from the cumbersome chore of manual calculation of bills. If you are a cyber cafe owner who hates calculation, here’s glad news for you. Cyber Cafe Management Software assists cyber cafe owners in dealing with their … Continue reading

2013-07-29 03:34:23

Our aim is to be an invincible provider of software solutions. Our services are therefore intensified to improve your productivity. Our web based inventory and invoicing software solutions are economically priced. We, think of the priorities of our customers as … Continue reading

2013-07-29 03:32:09

You can create an ideal environment for discussion using Message Board/ Discussion Forum. You can choose the method that’s best suited for your business – any Internet / intranet website. The forum can either be closed or open. Open forums, … Continue reading

2013-07-29 03:31:47

A lot of trouble can be avoided if an easy way can be formed, to sell products and services from an existing web page. Easyshopee Cart provides you the fastest and easiest way to help you without programming or software … Continue reading

2013-07-29 03:28:53

by Reji K Paul (Software Programmer, Excellone Technologies) Mobile computing solutions have benefits which come under two headings basically namely tangible benefits and intangible benefits. Tangible benefits include those benefits that are easily quantifiable, while intangible benefits are those that … Continue reading

2013-07-29 03:28:08

by Anna Elizabeth Kuruvilla Computer ethics is the analysis of the nature and the social impact of computer technology and the corresponding formulation and justification of policies for the ethical use of technology. Ethics cover both social as well as … Continue reading

2013-07-29 03:27:28

by Jini M R (Software Programmer, Excellone Technologies) Linux Open source Operating System is rapidly increasing these days. Recent statistics say that it has about 20 million installations all round the globe. Now coming to Linux Development, it is the … Continue reading

2013-07-29 03:26:49

by Jini M R (Software Programmer, Excellone Technologies) PHP (Personal Home Page) confirmed its position as one of the fastest growing technologies for creating dynamic websites. PHP was designed specifically for the Web, with ease-of-use, reliability and performance capabilities to … Continue reading