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2013-07-29 03:37:57

If your website is interactive, the users are bound to be frequent visitors. So boost up the interactivity of your website with our Online Quiz software. Through this, users can assess their knowledge. This web application also enables them to develop their skills. By installing our Online Quiz software you’ll be adding an interesting challenge to your website.

We can provide unlimited quizzes, with as many questions and answers possible. We also make each quiz a special one by adding a message. The software keeps statistics of right and wrong answers so that one (an user) can measure his/her performance against that of the others.

Price- 750 USD

What we offer
  • Administrative Web panel
  • Add / Edit / Delete option for each question
  • Allows images inside each question
  • Answer and question score displayed after each question
  • Keeps log of previous winners
  • Launches free games
  • Prevents the usage of back button
  • Radio Button questions
  • Special message for each question
  • Tracks users by registration
  • Unlimited number of questions per quiz
  • Updates the registration profit.

The Online Quiz Software Application is found to draw the attention of the customers who are bound to return if the site is interesting.So hurry and add this interesting challenge to your website.

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