Allow Us to Tell You About Outsourcing Magento Development

2013-10-17 04:40:06

The Background

So you want us to tell you the Truth. But are you sure you can handle the truth? (with due apologies to Colonel Nathan R. Jessup).

Let us clarify at first that Magento isn’t a secret illuminati funded programme to take over and run the world government. Neither does it have anything to do with mangoes. Now that we’ve told you what Magento isn’t, let us begin telling you what it is and the truth about Magento development outsourcing.

Magento is (looks around to see that no one is overhearing and lowers the voice) the indisputable top pick as far as e-commerce development platforms go. Especially for medium and large sized e-commerce enterprises. It comes in two flavours, vanilla and chocolate (just kidding!). Magneto is available in two versions, there is Magento Community Edition and then there is Magento Enterprise Edition. We will tell you about the differences between the two and which one is really the best for you in a little bit. But first…

Our Experience with Magneto

Magento and ITOI go back a long way together. We have been working with Magento from 2008, when it was launched. After developing hundreds of e-commerce websites at the most affordable rates on the planet, we are recognised
as one of the most reliable partners in offshore Magento web development.

We have a team of expert Magento programmers and Taekwondo fighters who will do everything possible to make sure that you get the best deal as far as outsourcing Magento development is concerned. But to be perfectly honest, our Magento programmers only imagine themselves to be great Taekwondo fighters. But in any case no one should ever mess with them.

So What’s Really Special About Magento?

Well, we know just how important a great online store is for your business these days when everybody and his cousin is jumping on to the e-business bandwagon.
Selecting an appropriate e-Commerce platform is the crucial first step in creating a mindbogglingly cool online store. Simply put, Magento is the most advanced open-source e-Commerce platform in the world. Period. The kind of functionality and ease of use that Magento offers is out of this world. Unless you’re a Martian in disguise, there’s no better product in the universe today for e-commerce stores.

Magento’s hyper online shopping features include advanced product display options and multiple transaction options. Magento also offers multi-stores and
multi-sites functionality, so that you can roll out your e-commerce stores across cities and countries (or even planets) seamlessly. There are other capabilities like
mobile templates, user accounts, loyalty programs, product categorisation and discount and promotion rules thatw e can openly talk about. But pssst… there are a few more secret capabilities of Magento that intergalactic rules prevent us from discussing. But hey, if you send us an email, we will share the secret with you. You just need to promise us that you won’t tell anyone except Tom, Dick and Harry.

And we know from experience that the most critical part of a great development project is the development of customised Magento modules. And this is exactly what makes Magento special. It offers an unmatched array of modules that even your mother-in-law would be hard pressed to beat! And in the course of our Magento development careers we have dealt with a whole lot of mothers-in-law. We speak from experience.

So Tell Us About ITOI’s Magento Competency.

OK, we will tell you only what we are allowed to tell. (wink wink, nudge, nudge…)
First, we are the leading Magento developer in the Milky way. We have a great competitor in another galaxy, but hey, we are not allowed to talk about them.

Of course, we have a strong Magento development track record that developing e-commerce websites of various sizes, shapes and colours. In addition to our exceptional Magento development skills, we will also give you unparalleled technical know-how in e-Commerce consulting and strategy.

We already spoke about the Magento and Taekwondo certifications our developers possess, so we won’t talk about it again. But allow us to just say that our Magento developers have in-depth knowledge of Magento coding gained through many light years of time spent working on the platform in both development and modification.

Can I Outsource My Magento Development to ITOI with Confidence?

Have no fear. We will repeat that again. Have absolutely no fear. You are safe with us. At ITOI we have been working with Magento from the very beginning. We have worked with multiple agencies of various sizes to provide white label services in outsourced Magento development.

If you are looking for a reliable provider of white labelled offshore Magento development you need to search no further. Your search ends with ITOI. Or even if you want to hire us as an end client, we will give you the best deal. We know Magento like the back of our hand. Or the backyard of our house. And we do have a few aces up our sleeve.

Tell Me About the Benefits of Outsourcing Magento Development to ITOI.

Firstly we will guarantee the best quality. Our expert programmers have worked on projects that many programmers in much larger companies can only dream about. What is more, through our white label arrangement, we have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. But unfortunately, we cannot talk about them. You see, we know how to keep our mouths shut. And we honour the NDAs we sign with our clients.

In addition, we also offer flexible development team sizes to meet your specific needs. You could hire a single developer, or you could hire a team of 20. You could even hire larger numbers.

We also offer you great savings in cost. Let’s face it nobody outsources to Bangladesh because they love the place, the people or the climate there. As Sherlock Holmes would tell Mr. Watson, “It’s elementary”. It’s about the money.

So just close your eyes for a moment and think of all those groovy things you can do with the money you save by outsourcing your Magento development to ITOI? Hey, we are kidding. We would expect you to handle your money wisely. Seriously!

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