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2013-10-17 06:33:40

The Background

A long, looong time ago, when the first websites (well, actually, they were more like web pages than web sites back then!) began to appear on the world wide web, there was a secret language that you had to learn to be able to create web pages or web sites. That secret languages was called HTML (for Hyper Text Mark-up Language) and one had to learn this secret language before one could attempt to create a web page. This secret language also had Commands and Tags and a magic potion (kidding about the potion there!) that one had to master (or drink!) to become a Master. The Master of a web site was called (and still is) a Web Master. Neat, huh?

Now the Web Masters, like the Masters of the Universe, had to learn additional stuff like DHTML (that is Dynamic Hyper Text Mark-up Language) and CSS (for Cascading Style Sheets) to make the pages look fancy – and we are not talking about anybody’s style quotient or a cascading waterfall here.

Then some disgruntled druids got together and planned to do something to make lives easier for the poor Web Masters. Or something like that happened if our collective memory is right. The old druids came up with a magical solution called WordPress. And that was the end of poor HTML, DHTML, CSS and all the other stuff for most webmasters and programmers.

Now you could create a web page or a web site in a jiffy! Without learning all that stuff and breaking your head in the process.

Oops… we have already written so much background now we don’t have the space or the time to write about what WordPress can actually make your life better and how to outsource WordPress development work. So here we go…

What Does ITOI Bring to the Table in Terms of WordPress Capability?

Excellent question! We’re glad that you asked us that. To start with, ITOI is unlike any other WordPress development outsourcing player out there. Sure, there are a million other WordPress developers out there who use WordPress to create blogs and basic websites and even some advanced sites. But only we at ITOI have the unique capability to leverage the full suite of WordPress plug-ins, modules and themes. And therefore only we can offer robust and powerful CMS solutions with WordPress that is truly world-class. And we are not kidding when we say this.

And that’s not all, in fact, we’ve just begun! We offer great looking, eye-catching
visual design so your web site not only performs great, but looks cool as well.
So at ITOI we ensure that your website provides attractive visual design, and more importantly, exceptional functionality and user experience. For you see, apart from just looks, what matters most for a website is the functionality, features and the ease of use for visitors.

In addition, let us give you a bit of insider info. We know that WordPress will be in active development for many years to come – ensuring that patches to tighten security and improvements to functionality and the overall performance will occur as an ongoing process. This ensures that your WordPress application keeps improving with time as new code updates and patches are released.

So What WordPress Services Does ITOI Offer?

We are a full-service WordPress service provider. Just like we’ve taught our office dog to fetch us a cup of coffee (slight exaggeration there!), we’ve made WordPress do a number of things others would find it difficult. For example, we do WordPress UXD (that is User Experience Design) and WordPress web applications. We’re masters of WordPress Web Services that provides our customers alternative interfaces for their WordPress installation. We’re experts in WordPress Social Media Apps and Integration’s. We also do WordPress for mobiles (Android/ iOS/ Windows) and WordPress hosting and WordPress consulting. You name it, we do it, if it is WordPress.

So Tell Me Why I Should Outsource WordPress Development to ITOI.

Think quality. When it comes to quality, it is always our job number one at ITOI.
Think efficiency. We are extremely efficient in getting your WordPress site off to a colourful start with minimum resources. Think reliability. We stand by what we build, and it is always built to last. Think service. Our consultants and programmers are always at hand to answer your queries or for support.

So regardless of whether you are looking for a dependable offshore WordPress development team as a white label service, or you are looking as a direct end-client, we are ready and willing to take on even the most challenging of assignments. We do everything from from brand new WordPress sites and applications to modifications for your existing WordPress installation.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing WordPress Development to ITOI?

Take a deep breath. Then sit back and relax. Because what you are going to read will really help.
To start with, with ITOI, you are assured of the highest quality (that you would from a company 50 times larger than us). Next, we are competent and knowledgeable. He hire, train and deploy (but never fire) some of the most competent WordPress developers available. And we know WordPress inside out.
Next up, we provide the most flexible WordPress development team for your exact need. You need a single programmer? You got it. A team of seven? No problem. You’d like a dozen? Sure! You’d like to start with 2 and then ramp up to 20 in 5 months? Absolutely no problem! Next, we are dependable. We’re not here to make our first million (although we are close to it!) and take the next flight to the Caribbean. We’re in WordPress development for the long haul. And we’re here to stay. We’re also experts in social media apps and integration’s for WordPress, so we will make sure your website is shareable. We’ll help your users to distribute information about your products and services widely on the web. And finally, if you are also looking for a way to have your WordPress site or blog rank high in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), we will deliver. Oh sorry, we forgot, just one more thing, we’re good (really good) with WordPress hosting too – we will provide your web site or blog superior hosting service so it will always perform at its best.

That’s all folks!

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